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1.) “Primary” persons or bodies that use service or rely upon Surveyor Samudra survey reports or in sequence attached on them should be understand all of the details of the appointment under with their issued.

2.) “Survey” performs and/or observes the intended subject to generate survey report or information as principals instructed specifically or which is refers to standard.

3.) “Standard” the surveys are conducted to industry standard, and/or the relevant trade custom, usage or practices, and/or such methods as the company shall consider appropriate on technical, operational and/or financial grounds.

4.) “Service” the surveys for quantity and quality in accordance to agreement with and instruction from its principal.

5.) “Principal” persons or bodies whom are instructed to perform the survey.

6.) “Information” in the course of performing such services, Surveyor Samudra develops information.

7.) “Survey Document” the information is produces survey document such as report and certificate. The report and certificate will be signed with authorized signature that assigned by Surveyor Samudra especially for manager and superior.

8.) “Report Limitation” the original and copies of survey reports will be submitted to principal only. The survey reports are issued exclusively for the principal interests and furnish for information they specifically requested.

9.) “Survey Fee” the payment amount agreed between principal and Surveyor Samudra to perform the survey. The fee is subject to change at any time, in case the required services exceeds than the normal circumstances.

10.) “Payment” payments of survey fee are net as terms agreed with principal. For not paid fee are collected comprehensively by legal representatives or by a notary. The cost of notary or agents in efforts to collect such payment shall be born to principal’s account.

11.) “Survey Cancellation” the principal cancelled for service shall be subject to payment for all services provided and disbursement sustained by Surveyor Samudra.

12.) “Principal Obligation” (a) the order and instructions are given in due time and/or in any special event is not later than 48 hours prior to the required services to be performed; (b) obtain all necessary access for Surveyor Samudra to the places of survey services and take all necessary steps to eliminate any hindrance to, or disturbance in, the performance of the services; (c) provide, if required, any special equipment and personnel necessary for the performance of the services; (d) ensure that all necessary safety measures at sites and places during the performance of services; (e) notify Surveyor Samudra in advance of any known hazards or dangers, actual or potential, associated with required services; (f) fully exercise all its rights and discharge all its liabilities under any relevant sales or other contract with a third party and at law.

13.) “Liability” Surveyor Samudra liable for any alleges of losses and/or any other defects caused by the disappointment of work-forces shall be limited to the total amount paid by the principal for doing the work. any principals seeking greater protection from loss or damage than as aforesaid should be acquired insurance properly.

14.) “Law & Jurisdiction” by accommodating, using or relying upon such survey reports or in sequences the principals for whom the service are performed, and any persons or bodies who relies upon the survey report or in sequences, concur to the foresaid terms and conditions. Any agreements with Surveyor Samudra shall be governed by the laws of government of Republic Indonesia.

15.) “Revision” there is no verbally allowed to amend, modify or revise any of the above-mentioned terms and conditions. Any revisions should be in written and signed by an officer of Surveyor Samudra.

16.) “Last Revision” the 6th revision issued on 31/01/2016 by Surveyor Samudra, Marine Surveyor in Indonesia.